Stress and Anxiety

Exams, interviews, public speaking, fear of flying & driving

Often when we are under extreme stress and anxiety we do not react in the way we would like, perhaps getting angry and saying the wrong thing or being anxious and not saying anything at all, or even coming out of the interview not having come across in the right way.

Hypnotherapy can help, helping you to relax and deal with situations that can cause anxiety in a calm controlled way. Enabling you to come across in the correct way that is just right for you

Are you missing out on foreign holidays? Perhaps not being able to visit family who have emigrated or family weddings abroad because of your fear of flying or perhaps wanting to drive to visit friends, places you have always wanted to go or even a trip to the shops but your anxiety about driving is holding you back.

Hypnotherapy has helped many people overcome their fear of flying and driving, freeing them to do all those things they want to do and visit all the places they have only been able to imagine.