What is Hypnotherapy?

how hypnotherapy can help

Many people hear the word hypnosis and immediately think of “running around like a chicken” or “look into the eyes, not around the eyes and when I snap my fingers you’ll remember nothing that I said.”
Well this couldn’t be further from the truth! All hypnosis is, is a very deep state of relaxation which is perfectly natural and normal. The person being hypnotised is completely aware of what they are doing and what is being said to them and is fully in control.
Hypnosis just allows you to become very deeply relaxed and most people find it very enjoyable.
Many people these days lead  busy lives and do not allow themselves time to properly relax.   They often remain in a state of permanent tension, or find that they have difficulty relaxing or sleeping.  This can lead to tension, pressure and anxiety which equals STRESS!
It is widely recognised that stress can contribute towards many health problems.
Hypnosis can help you learn to relax deeply, creating a sense of wellbeing and prompting a good night’s sleep allowing you  to deal with the problems that life brings – because life does bring problems and challenges. Using hypnosis can help you gently let go of your physical and mental tension and helps you to deal with these problems in a calm, relaxed, useful way. This enables you to lead the enjoyable well-balanced life that you deserve.

Many people are turning to hypnotherapy because it is completely natural and an extremely effective form of therapy without the use of drugs or physical manipulation and one where YOU the client are fully in control.

In more general areas hypnotherapy has been found to be beneficial for such problems as motivation, procrastination ,decision making, personal achievement and development, job performance, relaxation and stress management.


Hypnotherapy is not 100% successful, but it does have huge success rates!

The APHP is dedicated to the proffesional and ethical use of Hypnosis for the treatment of nervous disorders and emotional problems.  Members of the Association are bound by a code of practice and ethics of the highest order and must have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Each CNHC registered hypnotherapist has followed and successfully completed a high quality course in hypnotherapy to national occupational standards, and is bound by a proffesional code of conduct ethics and practice.