Dispelling the myths. You are in complete control.

Stage hypnosis is not Hypnotherapy!

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, the most common being that the hypnotist can exert some power over the person being hypnotised and bend them to their will.  This is a complete fallacy.  Nobody can be hypnotised if they don’t want to be.  Hypnosis is an extremely natural, relaxed state where you are more open to suggestion  but will not accept any suggestions that are not believed, wanted and beneficial to you. Any unwanted suggestions will simply be ignored or rejected and you can come out of hypnosis whenever you want to. You are in complete control.

In theatrical hypnosis the people that go up on the stage want to perform or participate. Often they will do what the hypnotist wants because they see no reason not to. They would be able to recall what they did but perhaps embarrassment makes them say they do not remember!