How it can help

Your subconscious mind is in control!

How many times have you resolved to make changes to the way you do things? Every New Year do you promise yourself that you’ll  eat  more healthily, exercise more or eat less chocolate for example? But how long does your resolve last?

The answer is usually-  not long. This is because you are trying to make the changes in your conscious mind, using your will power, but it is your subconscious mind that is in control and it wants to maintain what you are already doing because what you are doing works! It keeps you safe and alive and that is the only thing that is important to it!

But we can reprogram it if we bypass the conscious mind and substitute new constructive ideas in the subconscious mind.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in. You are not able to access your subconscious mind  but your hypnotherapist can. You tell them the changes YOU want to make that are beneficial to YOU and your subconscious will make the changes – no will power is involved! You will automatically find yourself eating more healthily, exercising more, eating less chocolate and YOU will be “just doing it!”

Hypnotherapy can be helpful for many things – general stress reduction or managing stress is a very important one.  Many people these days, because of the busy lives they lead, never find time to relax properly. Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for this helping you to manage your stress in a controlled and useful  way.

Hypno-Analysis is used for deep-rooted emotional and psychological problems.  Many problems are caused by traumas and emotional upsets that have been suppressed or buried inside. This leads to inner anxiety which can build up and then a symptom will be produced. Hypno-analysis  is  used to uncover the root of the problem revealing and releasing the emotion attached to it .  Once this is done the symptom should permanently disappear with the added bonus of feeling more confident and self-assured.